KLE – Kentuckiana Law Enforcement – Monthly Statistics

Kentuckiana Law Enforcement  (KLE) is a contract agency that provides public safety to cities throughout the metropolitan area.  In most instances these cities can not afford the cost associated with a city owned and operated police department.  Lynnview has entered into a contract with KLE to provide specific coverage in the area as deemed necessary by the Mayor and members of the City Council.  These hours target times that include school bus pick up and drop off of children, and times when traffic offenses are probable like morning and evening rush hours.  Officers that work for KLE are employed by several agencies like Metro Louisville LMPD or the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.  Vehicles can be both marked and unmarked patrols, from LMPD, the Sheriff’s Office, and possibly other small neighboring agencies like Buechel, Audubon, etc.

Residents should be aware that these officers have full  jurisdiction throughout metro Louisville, and as such will be citing for all traffic or other violations.  Lynnview is paying this agency to assist LMPD with the public safety of our neighborhood.  Public Safety for each and every resident is the number one factor driving this decision.

We are pleased with the performance of KLE thus far and look forward to years of association with the agency.

Each month we will post the KLE Statistics relative to activities in the neighborhood.  You can see those on any of the links below.

December 2017 

January, 2018

February – 2018

March 2018

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