District 1

Jesse Pruitt: District 1 Councilman

Hello neighbors.  Having lived in our city for more than 47 years now, you can say that I have seen the many faces of Lynnview.  I have watched our city grow and prosper, I can recount the years when homes were being built in this subdivision and it was one of the most sought after residences within the Louisville metropolitan area, much like the areas east of Louisville now.  I and my wife Shirley, like a lot of your neighbors, raised our children in this neighborhood.  It has been woven into our family history.  Lynnview is a part of the fabric of our life.  This city was the very foundation upon which my family was built.

For 33 years I worked for Phillip Morris in downtown Louisville, in the maintenance department.  I am blessed to be retired now, and I invest a lot of my time with woodworking projects in my shop.  I have also shared with a lot of residents my repair skills when dealing with lawn and garden equipment.

For more than 20 years now, I have served on the Lynnview City Council.  These are exciting times for our city.  I am glad to be a part of this administration.  Council will be challenged to act upon the city’s goal of doing more with less.  We want to stretch our tax dollars so they serve us all better.  I encourage each of you to be active in our city.  Volunteer to help with community activities.  Participate and encourage your neighbors to be active in our community.  Finally, use your voice to make sure the Council and the Mayor are acting in your best interest.  Attend the regular City Council meetings; Vote at the appropriate times, and possibly if you have ever thought about serving on our City Council, make that known to the Mayor and Council members, so as openings become available you could have that opportunity.