District 2

Linda Plappert : District 2 Councilwoman

Hi there, friendly Lynnview associates.  Let me introduce myself as a friendly and hopefully helpful representative of yours here in Lynnview.  My name is Linda Plappert and I’m a “foreigner” all the way from Long Island, N.Y.  However, since I’ve lived here in Lynnview for over 25 years, I’m familiar with many of the circumstances, needs, and requirements which need to be taken care of.  I am also aware of the friendly get-togethers which we can all definitely use to help boost and improve our city.  Hopefully these social issues will include you and not just the political and legal members.  Since Lynnview belongs to ALL of us, let’s ALL get involved!

Please don’t be or feel bashful to confer with me.  Yes, feel free to talk with me and express your thoughts and feelings.  I’m interested in all your ideas and suggestions, but in order for me to express them at meetings, I need to know them.  Since we can and will work together, let’s go forward and share this togetherness!

Now before I go, I want to leave you with a little “Lynnview Learning”:  “You hold the key to your own happiness, UNLOCK IT!”